Association for Social Development

How to join the Association for Social Development (ASD)

If you have an interest in joining the ASD the first step is that you need to be invited by a member to the annual ASD conference as a guest. You should be involved in social development work, whether it be in the fields of organisation development, community development, training or coaching.
It may be that you already know someone who is an ASD member who would be willing to invite you. Alternatively, you can send a request via the “Contact” section of this website and we will see what we can do to help.
Members can also invite young guests (young meaning 28 years of age or younger) who are interested in social development but who may not yet be fully engaged in organisation development or related work. Young guests do not have to pay the conference fee but must cover the cost of their travel, accommodation and meals.
As a guest you can attend the conference twice and participate in every aspect of the conference programme. This will give you the opportunity to find out for yourself if this is “your place”, in other words do you feel connected to the members and to the ASD impulse.
If you then decide that you would like to join the ASD you can apply by asking three members to sponsor you and accompany you towards membership. You will work with them to design your incoming process.

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