Association for Social Development

Welcome to the Association for Social Development!

The Association for Social Development was founded in 1987. The members of the Association consult professionally to organisations in a worldwide context.

We have different approaches and different inspirations, but what we share are inspirations out of the spiritual scientific work of Rudolf Steiner, and an intention to link ourselves to the social development impulse initiated by Bernard Lievegoed, one of the early pioneers in organizational development work.

The emphasis of our work lies in consultancy, training and research relating to all aspects of organisation development, group development, and individual development.

Our attempt is always to stimulate healing forces in people and organisations, so that both can develop further. We strive towards a healthy interrelationship between the spiritual, human and material aspects of social organisms.

Members of the Association are individuals who as developmentally orientated professionals commit themselves to work towards its aims, recognise each other as professionally competent, and strive to develop this competence further.

To meet and work with a group of colleagues working out of the same spiritual background is an important aspect of our social impulse. The members of the group also support each other in their development as human beings.
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Aims of the Association

• To promote the exchange of research findings and experiences, towards the further development of our profession.
• To allow members to support and co-operate with each other in working with clients.
• To strengthen the spiritual and ethical bases of our work.
• To connect the regional orientation of members based in different parts of the world, with a global consciousness.

Once a year, starting on the weekend after Whitsun, we come together for a 5 day conference, in venues all over the world. During the conference our aims are to inspire each other and to deepen the foundations of our work. A Facilitating Group (consisting of four members) has the role to prepare these conferences, together with a local host group. Besides that, the Facilitating Group takes care of the member issues, governance, finance and policy issues. The ASD is a Trustee organisation of which the Facilitating Group make up the board.

If you are interested in making contact with members in your region in order to find out more about our Association, take a look here and see if there is a consultant in your country. If there is not a member in your country, feel free to contact us and we will do our best to connect you to members who speak your language.

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